4-in-1, custom-made, Australian owned, try now pay later. Seamless integration between self-service, walk-in, online, and telephone.

50% less service time
4+ integrated features
2x efficiency
Integrated Online Orders

Your shop. Your site.

Personalized website tailored to your business offers a better and improved shopping experience. No annual, maintenance, or set-up fees.

Zero annual, setup, or maintenance fees
2% commission only
Best for:
Fish & Chips
Telephone Order Pad

Cheapest Dual System

Take telephone orders on a portable tablet which syncs them across all devices and prints them automatically. Caller ID is recorded with each order so that an SMS message can be sent when it’s ready to be collected. This dedicated device is a powerful and inexpensive extension of the main POS system and works alongside it to double your efficiency.

2x efficiency
SMS as soon as the order is ready
CallerID auto-identify customers
Best for:
Fish & Chips
Charcoal Chicken
Pizza Shop
Burger Shop
Printed Orders

No Handwritten Orders

Most POS systems are rigid products that cannot be personalized. You have to write orders by hand because the system cannot support basic options – cook levels, flavour profiles, food substitutions… Our smart system satisfies all customer requirements; you can finally say goodbye to those inefficient, mistake-prone and illegible handwritten worksheets, and go fully digital with clear and oil-resistant printed worksheets.

AutoPrint all worksheets and receipts
Zero mistakes on order details
Best for:
Every Shop

Bid farewell to long queues.

The dedicated self-service monitor allows customers to set or pay for an order without any need for staff assistance. This frees up valuable manpower to ensure workplace efficiency even during busy hours. Long gone are the days of endless queues and slow service.

100% cash register workload automated
0% staff assistance needed
Best for:
Ice Cream Parlour
Car Wash
Pubs & Bars
Custom-Made & Developed

You want it? You got it.

Every SWOT POS system is personalized and can even be redeveloped to suit your needs. SWOT is not a one-size-fit-all product, but a flexible system which can be finetuned to fit every use case. With extensive experience in software development, we can ensure that your system is the best version that it can be.

Limitless redevelopment & adjustability
Shop-Specific Features
Delivery Options
& More
Gluten-Free Menus
Flavour Profiles

Even more reasons to go SWOT.

Made in Australia. For Australians.

SWOT is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is developed specifically for Australian restaurants. With extensive knowledge of the struggles of local businesses, we offer effective solutions and faster, better service at a lower price.

Try now. Pay later.

On-site 14-day free trial with free installation - no strings attached!

Should you try SWOT for free?

If you experience any of the following frustrations, you have come to the right place!

1. Handwritten Orders

You’re tired of using inefficient and mistake-prone handwritten worksheets.

Our Solution:
Printed Worksheets
2. Manual Order Transfer

You are tired of transferring handwritten telephone orders into your POS for checkout.

Our Solution:
Telephone Order Pad
3. Long Queues

Your shop has long and persistent check-in and check-out queues.

Our Solution:
4. No Online Order Site

You do not have an online ordering site that is specific to your shop.

Our Solution:
Integrated Online Ordering
5. Expensive Fees

You pay more than $120/month for POS or more than 2% commission for online orders.

Our Solution:
2% commission
100/mth POS
6. High Labour Cost

You need 2 or more people to do service.

Our Solution:
4-in-1 Integration